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Hi Jesse!

First of all, my name is Yael and I'm a graphic designer from Mexico City. My character is completely based on myself so I think I should explain some things about me so as to understand Joy (my character's name).

I love illustration, but it was never a big part of my design education. So my approach is based on skillshare, tutorials, books, observation etc. So, I decided to take a big leap, I've learned a bit and I think I should start a web comic, this will keep me on track with illustrations and I will gain confidence with time. The character I present in this project is the one for my web comic, it's a web comic like I said, completely based on my life. The character's name is Joy because my mom call me Yoi or Yois (which sounds exactly like Joy and Joyce), so I choose Joy and decided to spell it JOY also.

I decided that the attributes of my character will be: Naive, Imaginative and Expressive.

My character is going to be nerdy, a little geek, cute, very expressive, I play flag football so I added that too for my character, she has a comfy look, wears glasses and loves Flash. I wanted to add also characteristics that will give a little conflict to the web comic, like awkward, little moody and that she complains a lot. I think this will give balance to the web comic.

First, I made some sketches to see which one worked best. I liked the face so I played with clothes.


I also tried some facial expressions since I will be needing those for the web comic, and also to keep sketching and take my character further and explore the possibilities.


Then, I decided on a final sketch and an alternative sketch, just for some occasions. The original one looks like this:


And the alternative one looks like this:


I also have a question. Since I'm gonna be using Flash references in my web comic, I wanted to know if I can do that, or if I needed permission or something. I wanted to know if I can draw like, a Flash hoodie like in the sketches, or Flash socks, like in my alternative sketch, or made a Flash suit for my character. I won't do something too obvious or even similar, but like the socks or the hoodie, things that make a reference to the Flash.

Thanks, I'm really looking forward to hearing from you :)


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