Joy and Sorrow

February 21st


Not sure which I like. I'll keep playing, but would love some feedback!

February 19th

Had some technical difficulties, but here my word. Actually, I did two words, trying to find ways to bring Milk and Cookies together. 

Having a hard time deciding which ones I like! Hoping my sketching will help me bring it together in my mind.

February 7th - Update

Here's my mood board! 

Lots of milk labels, cans, glass jugs, and cookie platters. And the Krispie Kreme Hot Now sign, cause, why not?


I am a complete newcomer to Hand Lettering. As a child, I loved to draw and to write, was completely fascinated by a sharpened pencil and a crisp, white sheet of paper, but as I grew older, I put it to my art to the side because of, well, many reasons but mainly lack of self-confidence. I recently had my 36th birthday and, I don't know, I just realized how much I missed the feel of a pencil in my hand and watching forms spring from my finger tips. Long fascinated by Hand Lettering, I came across this class and just couldn't resist. So, while my project probably won't be as polished as some, know that my soul is whole-heartedly in it.

All that said, the phrase I picked is from one of my favorite books; American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Joy and sorrow are like milk and cookies. That's how well they go together.

Taking this quote and the feelings it, and my love of the authors' work, here are some of my brainstorming ideas:

I feel like I have enough here to start making my mood board. More later!


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