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Joy Is Here Therre Everywhere

I remember being so proud of this piece. 

  • I knew that lots of practice was ahead of me
  • this art style conveys my story
  • I need more practice with watercolor pencils
  • fell in love with color and watercolor paint for sure


Some months later I came back to this project and created this. Big improvement with the block letters.


My thoughts

  • E and S  need work 
  • spacing and alignment issues
  • more color on the left lower side.
  • I do love my work and am proud of it.
  • practice does make better

Then months later I went back to the drawing board again. I wanted to explore:

  • wood texture for letters
  • blue birds holding the letters
  • more vibrant magical color
  • something fun
  • all about the joy kids have when they are playing outside and how the little things give theme such great joy- I have to remind myself of this and help others do the same



June 21 2016

Yes I am passionate about art. I keep this design and others as a way to keep track of my progress. Every now and then I redraw my favorites and here I am.

I am going back to the drawing board and will attempt to color and all. Will see...


Okay so here is my final sketch


I like this sketch very much! Now what colors

I have started learning about color and oranges, reds and yellows have to be my choice.

These colors are energetic, passionate and positive....that's everything I want my art piece to be. 

I then used Adobe Kuler to help me come up with a palette.

This is my picture.


My practice with color

This was so hard. I thought that brown and yellow would help me get the right colors.


Terrible color. Good Practice.


Getting There but still terrible color and the letter shapes aren't quite right.


I wanted to make the o look like one of those supermarket balls. I also wanted to add musical notes above the bird. Oh well I like this lots.

My letters are looking good! 

My color are pretty good. I like the warm yellow and pink. I think I need to up it a notch with the colors. The seem, soft and I want to add a bit more energy to the piece.

Maybe a much more vibrant blue for the background.

July 25 2016

I am redoing this today! I will work on this the entire week.

I like the word Joy and am thinking simple block letters

I love the birds too!

What message am I trying to share. I think its a simple reminder...I just want to capture the simplicity that children love everything and everyone and for them happiness is all around.

PLEASE feel free to give me feedback. Thanks!



Need a little work on

  •  green vines
  •  a few leaves
  • bird's eye should be brown
  • letter J needs work on the texture and needs to be thinner
  • musical notes
  • really love the idea of the J letter doubling as an instrument

My recent practice. I love the vibe but should have went with a better lettering style for the word here...more practice



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