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Journey to My First Class

May 29 - I found out about Skillshare just yesterday via

I think the June Challenge is what I need to inspire myself to create a class. 

While I typically focus on teaching children science and technology concepts, I notice there is a need for more craft tutorials. As I've gone back and forth, I decided to create a survey on Survey Monkey today and crowd source my first topic some.

Survey Link

Survey Description and Question:

I have the opportunity to create an online tutorial that will be entered into a national competition. Over the years, I have created and demonstrated so many programs, that I am struggling to land on one subject and concentrate on building a strong tutorial, so I am asking for your input. What would you like to see?
The audience is adults, technically, but I could go the kid angle by showing adults how to interact with the children in their lives. Another thing worth mentioning is that there are special incentives for people who do a "craft" tutorial. As you all know, I am a crafter, so that's no problem, but I'd like this video to be something you cannot see fifteen different ways via a YouTube search.
Here are some topics I have considered, you may choose your favorite two, and/or please feel free to add your own if you think I am missing something that could be unique/needed.

Which of the following do you think would make a great tutorial (by me)?

  • "Upcycling" Books: Book Lamp
  • Teach Your Children About Plastics: Slime, Putty and More
  • Build and Launch a Rocket for Under $50
  • Toothbrush Robots
  • Teacher's Tutorial: Oil Spill Clean-Up Class
  • Kindergarten Science: Teach Equipment with Sight Words
  • Make Five DaVinci-Inspired Toys with Household Items

I'm giving the survey 24 hours, but right now, Book Lamp and Rocket Launch has stayed tied.

Leaning toward the craft topic for the first class...

MAY 30 - The survey results are in! Thanks to my friends who took the survey. It looks like my first video class will be, "Make Five DaVinci-Inspired Toys with Household Items." Here were your answers: 



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