Journey starts

Journey starts - student project

Hello, thank you for a great class. I am an starting artist, very new to the art, I guess. Well, I have always had a great passion for drawing and creating, since I was a child. But for a very long time I just felt, that I am not good enough. I remember, when I was 14 years old, I send an application for art school but than got very affraid and didn´t even come to the talent test. 

So, almost two years ago I finally admit to myself, that I love creating too much, to not do it! So I sighn up to our local art courses for adults. But still, I was practicing only once a week, only there. 

But about a month ago, I finally bought a graphic tablet, because I was fascinated by other artists, that work with it. This step really helps me understand, that I want to create more art, practise on a daily base. 

Here I am sharing some artwork, that I created. I am very happy, that my journey finally begun and I am trying to enjoy every step of it (since my time is very limited, due to two little kids and work :) ).


Journey starts - image 1 - student projectJourney starts - image 2 - student projectJourney starts - image 3 - student projectJourney starts - image 4 - student projectJourney starts - image 5 - student project