Journey and Beauty of Imagination

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About Us

A children's author, Somere Sanders, woke up one morning with a creative idea: kids' art, on kids' clothes, helps kids.

It was a fun, wacky idea, that encouraged creativity in children, encouraged helping others, and encouraged a child to say "I matter."

Realizing how important this creative idea was, she immediately consulted with her Tier 1 advisors, Madalyn, Calylyn and Dyson. Her advisors responded cackling, "Aunt Susu, you're crazy." But... they said it with a smile on their face, curiosity in their eyes, and an immediate need to create artwork, wear the clothes, and know how they were helping other kids. On that day Prototype number 1 came into existence. ...On that day, a creative idea became a real, tangible thing... .

She practiced and practiced at making better prototypes. She finally found what she thought might be worthy of kid-coolness. At this point Somere knew she had to get the approval of her Tier 2 advisors: Lauren, Hannah, Hayden, Macie and Chase. Their schedules were too busy to even pencil her in, so she crashed their art meeting held in their Great Grandpaw's dining room during Christmas break. The Tier 2 advisor response was, "Woa..., cool." They said these two small but critical words with curiosity in their eyes and a hesitant disbelief of "Can my artwork really do that?"  

Once they finally believed in their importance, that their creativity really did matter, all eight advisor's imaginations immediately began creating amazing art with crayons and computer paper, laughing, playing and feeling empowered and important. ...On that day, Jboi inc's first clothing line was created!!!!