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Journey | Your destiny is calling.

Life is a Journey that has multiple paths. How do we keep track of where we are going and see where we have been? Are we sticking to our goals or do we get side tracked by the next shining object?. To keep us focused on where we want to go I want to create an app that will help users to map out their individual journey.

Each journey could include multiple paths such as Career, Family, Relationship etc. Each path would have a milestone or goal associated with it. Along the way they would get gentle reminder about making progress. The user can then view the journey they want to take instead of being washed away with the next current.


The Problem:

I know the path I should take for my career to grow but I keep getting distracted by new things that come along. Suddenly I am off the path and I realize that once I have reviewed the path I created in Illustrator. 

What I am using now:

The Solution:

Create Journey App to keep track of my career path. I will be able to add goals, milestones, events that will help me move up in my career. 


Sketch V1


Here is the link to the clickable wireframe:


Latest Update: Changed the Home Feed design. The goal of the home feed is to quickly see what's coming up next. To achieve this I had to redesign the screen. 



http://share.axure.com/S6V438 (Updated 1/25/13)

Future Enhancements:

  • Create Multiple Paths
  • Add Social Sharing Ability




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