Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - student project

[Monday, April 29, 2013]

Sadly, no updates here. My CTS got the best of me in the past few days - when I planned to go full throttle and get my badges done! - so I have to rest easy on these wrists of mine.

But I know many students don't go back to view projects once the class is done/once their projects are complete, so just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for all of your awesome, helpful and encouraging notes and comments and hopefully you'll stumble upon this project when I'm healed and ready to get back to it :)

You've all been very inspiring with your own projects - I'll be sure to leave some notes throughout the day :)

[Sunday, April 21, 2013]

First, can I say that I LOVED Dom's tutorial on working with geometric shapes. It's a big eye opener for me as an illustrator both as a new technique, and also now looking through my personal inspirational books at home and being able to recognize how much my own artistic idols use geometric shapes in their designs.

Drafting up my first badge was lots of fun and I'm happy with my first attempt. Still want to add the flowing fabric to the badges and have it extend out of the badge shape (as per my sketches) but thought this was a good start.

Was going with my original circle badge shape, but really loved the polygon shape that's relevant both in this badge and in the game, so I worked it in. For now using the colour schemes from the game, but may want to make a different set with fresh colours - a different twist on things.

Lastly, had a blast working with the symbols. I would have normally used just the pen tool, but using geometric shapes (in this case, squares) made it so much easier of a process, and also guaranteed each symbol to be accurate to scale.

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 1 - student project

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 2 - student project

*** [Mini Side Update] ***

Since uploading this first draft, a couple fellow classmates mentioned confusion with the "font". Just to clarify, the banner is meant to be just symbols - not letters or words in any way. In the game, the character has a scarf and and the scarf has symbols all along it. The symbols are also used to represent the noises you make, as well as decorated around the environment. Just wanted to mention that - I forget there are many people who haven't played this game - my bad for not mentioning that earlier! :) I also want to keep these as is - as they are very geometric in shape - being made up in squares. Here are all of the symbols:

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 3 - student project

Would love to hear any and all feedback on what I have so far! Thanks :)

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 4 - student project


[Thursday, April 18, 2013]

Here are some of the better sketches... still need some work, but getting there :)

This first one is of the Journey "chirp". In this game, the only way to communicate is with these chirps. They have different sounds and symbols and appear in an orb around you. I thought this badge would act as the orb itself - we'll see how that pans out though.

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 5 - student project

The first sketch of this trio is my favourite - mostly because the fabric from the stone extends outside of the badge shape. I will try to incorporate that into my other badges where I can.

The second sketch is of the iconic mountain in Journey (essentially the destination of your Journey - which of course means more than it seems) that has the light shining in its crevice. That star shape is my attempt at how I can show colour using geomtric shapes - doesn't show well in black and white!

The last sketch is of a very important part of your Journey with your companion, should you come across one and/or choose to travel with one. I almost don't want to explain much more without giving it away if anyone plans to play this game - which I recommend! ;)

That's all for now. Had lots of fun with these, especially mix and matching the symbols to make unique scarves.... will likely produce more in the coming days and as I start working within Illustrator.

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 6 - student project

Here's an image from the game (or some really amazing fan art!) - for those who haven't seen Journey, so it makes sense :) Also for future reference, you can see the colours it's known for - primarily.

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 7 - student project


[Wednesday, April 17, 2013]

I'd like to warn you that I am HORRIBLE at sketching. I'm much more comfortable once I'm in Illustrator :) So these are extremely rough sketches. They are of the various icons within Journey. I still can't decide if I'll work with levels, or just random select icons from the game, but this is a start.

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 8 - student project

The good news is that the symbols in Journey as well as the main character(s) should be easy to work with in the geometric shape style - which, by the way, I am SO excited to learn.

I'm not sold yet on a shape for the badges, I naturally gravitate towards the circle and I like the banner style bottom that is common with badges, but instead of text, I was thinking of using the symbols instead - since scarves play a huge role in this game, both in game play and in meaning. Thus, every badge would have a different set of symbols.

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 9 - student project

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 10 - student project


[Tuesday, April 16, 2013]

Still not sure if I will base my icons on levels of the game, or selected visuals throughout the game. I'll have to work through my sketches and figure that out, in the mean time looking at some inspiration:

I really like the landscape icons in this set, since most of Journey are landscapes (mountains, sand, sandfalls, water, etc.)....

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 11 - student project

However, I REALLY like the simplicity of this icon set as well.

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 12 - student project

Also toying with the idea of choosing colours that are NOT related to Journey (which is known for its golds, reds, oranges, yellows) - may have to make two sets in the end. To the sketches!\


[Monday, April 15, 2013]

Hi there! I'm not sure if they are any gamers in this class (I'm hoping, though!) but I have chosen the Playstation 3 game Journey as the focus of my project.

When it comes to gaming, there are award/achievement systems. When you achieve something special, Playstation (PS) uses trophies to reward you, and XBOX uses achievements. While PS uses the basic visual of trophies, XBOX uses badges that focus on the visual/nature of each individual achievement - kind of in the same breath as the ones Dom has given as an example. Here are some more examples (for clarification - the following badges are for various other games):

Journey (Playstation 3) Achievement Badges - image 13 - student project

Journey is one of my favourite games (and if you are gamer, or have gamers in your life, you've likely heard of it!) and there's no doubt that if it was on XBOX, it would have had stunning achievement badges. So I'd like to bring that to life myself :)

The game goes through many levels which will be focus for this project. For a little bit of background, thought I'd share a game play summary so you can see the visuals and icons I'm excited to work with :)

(You can click through the timeline quickly to get the jist.)

Tracy T.

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