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Jen Smeriglio

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Journey Into Calligraphy - Jen Smeriglio

Beginning: 6/17/14 - 6/28/14

So it begins! I've been waiting for such a long time to get going on this course, but shoulder surgery kept me back. After the first time I put pen to paper, I have really loved doing this and although I get frustrated with how shaky my hand is (which is the case no matter what I'm doing), I am determined. As I've been practicing, my letters and shapes become more and more alike in shape, they aren't all crazy and different. 

The pictures here are from the first day to June 28th which is 11 days, enjoy! 

More lines!

Instead of U's I accidentally started with the sideways S shape... oh well! 

A mix of shapes.

Realizing I didn't practice a ton with the "o" shape, I will go back and do that this week! 

I tried tracing the first handout, and then started on "a". I really struggled with this letter, I actually hate them. 

By the second page, my a's started looking a little more uniform but I still really dislike the shape of them. 

Starting on the letter "b", I find that I have two ways of making them, starting the left tail higher, and lower. 


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