Journey App Level Badges

Journey App Level Badges - student project

Currently I am working on designing an app called Journey. The main goal of the app is to keep you focused on your goals. Your life has different Paths for example, Career, Family, Fitness, Reading, etc. Each Path would have Steps you want to take such as Attend a certain workshop, Read a certain book. The next version of this app will incorporate some gamification conceps like badges and points. The more points you accumulate the higher level you can acheive. Below are the levels. 

The design of the app will be using Flat UI so I want the badges to be in the same design theme.

Badge Levels

  1. Friend
  2. Counsellor
  3. Teacher
  4. Coach
  5. Guru
  6. Advisor
  7. Mentor
  8. Master
  9. Guiding Light

I have worked on the app in another Skillshare class. Note: The design for the app has changed since the project started.

Link to project

Journey App Level Badges - image 1 - student project

Ideas for objects to represent each level:

Friend - Smiley Face


Counselor - Ear

Teacher - Apple

Coach - Whistle

Guru - Profile of a Swami meditating on a cloud

Advisor - Bow hitting a target

Mentor - High Five

Master - Both hands with The Force inside of them

Guiding Light - Sun rays

Looking forward to getting started. Any suggestions are appreciated :)

Rizwan Javaid
User Experience Designer