Journals - My Data Story

Journals - My Data Story - student project

Some things I learned about my journaling habit from looking at my data visualization, is that I LOVE journals without lines!  This was my primary takeaway.  And it's very true - lines are too restrictive.  My only lined "journal" was actually a calendar that I use as a to-do list, mostly.  Also, I realized through this project that the number of art journals I have is now on par with the number of non-art journals. I think my art practice is slowly out-pacing my writing practice, which I love. :-)

Journals - My Data Story - image 1 - student project

Here's my favorite visualization mockup.  I decided not to use color on my visualization, cause I was going for a much simpler look.  But color can be such a powerful way to illustrate certain data aspects.  Like, your feeling about something....dark red = very excited, and down the value scale to light red being less excited.  


Here is my legend.

Journals - My Data Story - image 2 - student project

Carrie Rosales
Mixed media artist