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Journalism 101 - student project

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I've started to create a class in the Teach section that covers the basics of journalism. I'm a former automotive journalist and managing editor, and I can't wait to share my knowledge with future journalists. 

Class Description

In this course we’ll cover the basics of news writing in its various forms. While mainly concentrating on newspaper writing, we’ll also touch on news in terms of television, radio, magazines, and the Internet.

We’ll discuss the different types of news articles from hard news, features, columns, reviews, interviews, and social media. Students will learn how to structure a news story in the classic inverted pyramid style, and how this will serve them when writing in all types of media.

Class Project

Choose three stories from major news sources like a newspaper, magazine, or Internet publication: 

  • one hard news story
  • one feature article
  • one review (review of a product, car, movie, etc.)

Dissect the stories to see if you can spot:

  • the lede
  • the body 
  • the tail

Notice how these components were handled in each different type of story. 

Circle the vigorous words used.

Share your work in the Project section of this class.


Here is a link to my video course outline:


Here is the link to my Introduction video. Thanks for watching.


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