Journaling with Art

Journaling with Art - image 1 - student project

Day 1:  I don't listen to a lot of music anymore, but have gotten into certain podcasts.  This has been my go to for awhile now.


Journaling with Art - image 2 - student project

Day 2:  Oops!  I forgot the title!  This is what I learned. 

I was at recess with my students when they found a frog.  We decided to identify the type and then we looked up information about it only to discover this super cool fact!  

Journaling with Art - image 3 - student project

Day 3:  This one is not as crisp as I would like it to be, but so be it.  I went with what I use in teaching now.  So much of what I do is technology based right now, so I use all of these to create assignments and videos for my students who are in class and for those online.

Journaling with Art - image 4 - student project

Day 4:  Just finished the bottom book today!  This one includes one of my favorite drinks to read with and my baby prayer plant.  

Journaling with Art - image 5 - student project

Day 5:  The ingredients to my mess.  Even the picture is a mess!!  

Journaling with Art - image 6 - student project

Day 6:  My daily schedule.  I wish that I had not tried to give my yoga self a face because I feel like it turned out evil, when in fact I love my yoga time!

Journaling with Art - image 7 - student project

Day 7:  Current Cravings.  I have been under the weather with a cold for the last few days, so all I crave is warm soups, tea with honey (not included) and the ability to breather through my nose.  So far, I have gotten 2 out of 3.  :o)

Journaling with Art - image 8 - student project

Day 8:  What I am constantly wearing.  For this I chose my comfiest work clothes.  I like to wear fun leggings and bigger tunics or shirts over them.  I also have amazing cat slippers that I wear when I get home.  And my Fitbit is always on to keep track of my steps!

Journaling with Art - image 9 - student project

Day 9:  Self-Care.  I have mentioned it before here, but yoga has really helped me through this year and all of its stressors.  Also, tea, taking time for art, and talks with family!  

Journaling with Art - image 10 - student project

 Day 10:  Grocery Run.  Pretty boring, but just the necessities for me.  Which apparently is ALOT of honey and dairy.

Journaling with Art - image 11 - student project

Day 11: Favorite Corner.  I spend most of my time in this chair with my laptop in front of me, the t.v. on, sometimes a cat on my lap....very nice.  In fact, almost all of the art pieces for this were done in this corner.

Journaling with Art - image 12 - student project

Day 12:  Toiletry Bag Favorites.  I do not have a very big routine for this, so it is quite simple with cleanser, moisturizers and mascara.

Journaling with Art - image 13 - student project

Day 13:  Reliable Recipe.  Just got back to this one!  Delicious!

Journaling with Art - image 14 - student project

Day 14:  #Obsessed.  Love all of this!  I am such a nerd!