Journaling Plan

Journaling Plan - student project

Why I want to start journaling?

- I alrealdy do journaling, and since I start it helped me with plannings and dealing with emotional struggles. Despite journaling been a instrospective moment I think it also indirectly helped me to communicate with the world in general, in interpersonal relationships. But to be honesty I still lacked consistence, writing daily is still difficult to me, watching this class I put some thought about why I feel so difficult and realise one of the factors is the pressure I put on myself about having to "write something good" lend me to not write sometime for been afraid the result would not be good, so the ideia of writing without think to much about the struture is helping me to write more consistente and also improving my writing on the long scheme.

When I'm going to start?

- Alredy Stated!

Days: Daily

Time: Night and also sometime during the day

Can I hook it to something I'm already doing?

- Write in the night when I'm taking my night cup of the tea;


I always start with the day and time I'm writing but the format after it normally depends of my mood on the day, sometimes I just write punctuate the day's events, sometimes I like to write as if it were a letter to someone, sometimes I'm also doodle and decorate the pages.