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Josh Garrels

I want to make an album cover for one of my favorite musicians - Josh Garrels and his album Love & War & The Sea In Between

I stumbled across him years ago when he opened for another musician at a tiny concert in Boulder. It was the first time I had ever wanted the opening act to keep playing instead of the actual band/musician I was there to see.

His music has a mix of folk and hip hop vibes to it and when I listen to it I see hope/beauty/compassion/liberaton. His lyrics crete these beautiful images in your mind's eye and stir up a sense of longing while painting a natural/visceral picture. I read that some of his recent music was inspired by the landscape of the Pacific Northwest - I can definitely feel that when I listen.

I have been visualizing pacific northwest woods or beach. Something a bit ominous and beautiful. Perhaps a night scene with dark, rich colors...and strings of lights around the focal point

My mood board has a few of Josh's album covers, as well as a Jon Klassen illustration and some pacific northwest landscape.


Got back from vacation and geeked out watching the tutorials posted by Glenn. Such an awesome learning experience to watch you work. Always wondered how you got such rich texture - thanks for sharing some of your tips and tricks with us.

Anyway, here were some of my initial sketches:

I quickly decided against the owl because I realized he's used it before in his art and it felt too trendy I guess. I went to sketching some other scenes and was trying to challenge myself by creating a piece with a bit more detail than usual. I decided against going lilteral and using the sea. I felt like the cabins were a bit out of place and kept going back to an empty forest. Ultimately I liked that sketch the best and went with it...

Here is my initial Illustrator drawing, which definitely left a lot to be desired.

And after geeking out over the is my final piece. I'm definitely open to critiques and suggestions. I realize I missed the actual class timeline, but if any of you are still lingering around looking at projects I would love your thoughts.




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