Joseph Draven - Antagonist of Tulm

Joseph Draven is the antagonist of the fantasy adventure series Tulm. 

Character name: Joseph Draven.

Goal: To become the Emperor and save his lands from what he thinks is destroying it. This includes foreigners, chaotic democratic institutions.

Flaw: Since he spent much of his earlier years in the army battling against rebellious barbarian tribes, Joseph is extremely prejudiced against all types of foreigners, whom he wishes erased from the Empire. He also appears on the surface to possess a calm and controlled demeanour, but he sometimes has trouble controlling it due to his pent-up rage against the status quo of his country.

Age: 43.

Sex: Male.

Weight: 85 kg.

Race: North Arostrian (white).

Hair color: dark.

Eyes: bright blue.

Clothing: Usually formal military-style attire, long grey coat with medals and shoulder pads. Sword hilt at his side.

Health issues: Used to be very strong and agile in his youth but has recently declined as he's getting older, which he finds very frustrating.

Physical abilities: Expert swordsman.

Speech: New Arostrian (standardized English).

Parents: Ludwig Draven, a weapons factory owner and Alyssa Draven, a wealthy heiress.

Siblings: None.

Friends: His dog.

Best friend (or person closest to): His oldest son, Erwin Draven who Joseph considers as his heir.

Least favourite people: The corrupt and stagnant rulers of the Empire.

Enemies: All of the people who actively oppose him in the Empire, especially their leader, Catherine Sigworth. 

Pets: His dog, "Kaysar".

Residence: The Governor's palace in Harvet City.

Neighbourhood: The Governmental district

Cultural Background: Is a descendant of the first emperor, which Joseph is very proud of. However, his family was shunned for many decades after the first emperor's son attempted a coup against the government.

Memberships: Governor in the Erinian Empire. Leader of the Imperial reform faction

Schooling: The Kaysarian Military Academy

Attitude towards school: Adored its old-school imperialistic doctrine, but felt like nobody else took it seriously

Popularity: Kept to himself most of the time to focus on his studies

Mentors: A teacher at the academy and a former general named Wilber Henson, who formed many of Joseph's views.

Heroes: Joseph "Kaysar" Draven, Joseph's forefather who became Erinia's first Emperor. 

Favourite sports: Considers sports a waste of time and manpower. 

Work experience: Served as a lieutenant, sergeant and then general in the Imperial army. Then served for a few years as a senator in the imperial senate.

Hobbies: Reading history, playing piano and writing stories.

Likes and dislikes: Likes disciplined men who follow orders and don't break under pressure. Likes old historical buildings and his dog. Dislikes what he considers the degradation of Erinian culture and the corruption of society. Dislikes free-thinking people and foreigners.

Fears: The ultimate collapse of the Erinian Empire.

Dreams: Becoming Emperor. Restoring absolute rule and abolishing the senate. Purging all "democratic corruption" and foreigners from the Empire, therefore in his mind saving it. 

Life goals: Amass support among influential political leaders (5 years). Launch a coup or a civil war with the goal of deposing the government and establishing a new order (10 years). Building the perfect Empire using whatever means necessary (30 years). 

Nervous habits: Has a fascination with writing/reading escapist adventure stories, which he keeps a secret from everyone.

Foibles: Can lose his temper and get very agitated if provoked enough.

Reasoning style: Populist preacher/shrewd orator.

How would your character's friends describe her or him? Joseph Draven is an ambitious and determined man, but one who holds a lot of anger in him. 

Is your character shy or bold? Bold.

Is our character talkative or taciturn? Talkative.

What most irritates, embarrasses, or bores your character? He is irritated by endless talks in the senate and the inefficient bureaucracy of the Empire. He is embarrassed by his second son, Edward who is physically weak and has shown no interest in following in his father's footsteps. He is bored by mundane everyday administrative tasks, which he usually leaves to his staff. 

How would your character complete the sentance "My life is ________"? "My life is a constant struggle with the greatest purpose."

Other things I thought of while filling out this form: In his own mind, Joseph Draven is an unsung hero who is doing everything he can to save the thing he loves, The Empire.