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Jordi Labanda Campari Ad


After looking a lot of posters and ads I choose this Campari ad by the illustrator Jordi Labanda. I really love his work and I think this is going to be a great way to learn step by step.

I love the colors of this illustration and it looks easy at first sight, but if you look more you'll find a lot of advanced details, like in the girls' hair.

Version 1

I just draw the big color areas of the illustration, like background, floors and the boy's silhouette.

It's just has began!

Version 2:

New color areas and first problems. It's hard to simulate brush style for the shadows and edges from the dress. Anyway, it keeps growing :)

Version 3

I tried to use the brush but I don't like it so much. I think the shadows of the white dress would be good with some brush like watercolor or similar but don't discover how to do it yet.

Just making some more details with color areas but now my challenge is how to make the shadows and glass glittering. Any suggestions?

Thank you!


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