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Jonesing for Crests

Okay, where to start...My family is diverse in functionality.  Back in the day, it didn't seem so, but as one ages, they realize how guano crazy everyone is.  Don't get me wrong, I care for each member of my family, I just don't want to spend time with them.  That being said, even though we are in a small geographical area, I make it a point to only see them at Thanksgiving and Christmas unless a crisis would dictate otherwise.  The bottom line is that we just don't have a lot in common and they are not the first choice with whom I would choose to hang out.

That being said, I began thinking about my grandparents and great-grandparents.  I could not come up with one anecdote, saying, dish or iota of anything that stuck out as being iconic for our family.  Other than a great-great-great-great-great grandmother who was hanged in the next county for who knows what, I had very little to build upon and since gathering information would require me to seek out the assistance of my cousins which would mean establishing contact (for goodness sake, they drove me away from facebook), I began looking to other ways to build my crest.

I realized I liked my immediate family (most of the time) and that we had a few things in common, so I designed my family crest around my wife and children.  Here's how it goes:


First there is a cross on top to represent our Judeo-Christian beliefs.  We believe in loving God, loving people and I have tried to raise my kids to not be judgemental on any level.  My job is to build relationships and to love people.  If we want to discuss religion, I will tell you what I believe and not un-friend you because you don't believe the way I do.  I don't give a flip about race, creed, nationality or sexual orientation either.

The top left represents a love for all things Disney.  Walt is one of my heros and inspires me to seek out who I am and to accomplish my dreams.  My son was 6 months old on his first trip to Disney World and my daughter took her first steps there. 

The top right is our love for all things coffee.  Espresso, chocolate covered coffee beans, hot or iced- our family is definitely caffeinated.  Starbucks added a wing and named it after us because our generous consumption made it all possible.

The bottom left is football.  We love football... enough said.

The bottom right and most significant is FISH TACOS!  Genius is the man (or woman) who decided to put fish on a flour tortilla.  If it is on the menu, no more discussion is necessary.

Finally, the most frequent saying at my house is "that's the risk".  Its utterance was first heard at a University of Cinncinnati football game.  You see, the band has a tradition of running down the stadium steps onto the field to play the national anthem.  While we were there, an unfortunate clarinet player did a major face-plant and snapped her instrument in two.  My friend began unceremonious laughter to which I stoically quipped "that's the risk" which has been in our lexicon ever since.

So there you go, being a Jones means that you are a Disney-loving, coffee-drinking football fan in search for the next fish taco.  Just be warned, it all works out wonderfully... most of the time.  But again, that's the risk.


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