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Jonathan's Furthar Explorations Into Unity

This is my third go at messing around with Unity. In this examply I wanted to use some 8-Bit sound effects I'd found and incorporate them into a First Person Shooter type game. I did some quick research online and set up my workspace. Playmaker made it so easy to do a lot of the functions that go on.


When you jump, it makes a 8-Bit jump noise

When you left trigger down it makes a Laser noise

You can control like any FPS

There is a night sky skybox

The black "eye" of each enemy moves back and forth.

The enemy moves forward and backward a few feet.

UPDATE: play it right here: LINK TO ATARENA

This is the second stage of this program. . . Enjoy!

So this is my first project of the "Make a game in 4 weeks" taught by Brandon Wu.

The instruction was great and I found it easy to make this. Hope the rest of the program goes this smooth!



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