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Jonathan Da Lynn F/W 2013

My Final Project Start

Hello everyone-My name is Jonathan Butler of Jonathan Da Lynn or (JDL). Jonathan Da Lynn is a militant streetwear brand that focus’s on hearwear.  I’d like to present the Jonathan Da Lynn Fall 2013 lookbook photos as my final project.

1. Lesson 1: My Mood Board for Jonathan Da Lynn

For the inspiration board, I gathered a small collection of photos from other lookbooks that inspired the mood that I was going for in the Jonathan Da Lynn Fall '13 lookbook. For the “Rule of Three’s” I want to incorporate hats, girls, and aloneness.  Hats will be the main focus of the lookbook since this is what the brand is about, the other two will be my interpretation of how I see the lookbook.  I am taking the military theme literal.  A lot of people see the military and just the solider, they don’t see the loved ones left behind.  For this lookbook I will focus on the girlfriend or spouse as she tries to live life without her man.  There will be a lot of solo shots and scenery shots but they will not downplay the focus of the lookbook, the product.  I think setting will work perfectly with the theme of each hat and the vision behind the current season.

Check out my inspiration board aka mood board!



2.  Lesson 2: Shot Checklist:

         - Front and Back view of each hat

         - Close up view of details on each hat

         - Full body view of female model with headwear

         - Side view of each hat to show side profile details

         - Emphasize the city view/cold mood




Lesson 3: The Final Lookbook Project!


Here is my lookbook for fall/winter 13.  Jonathan Da Lynn is a military brand but I wanted to do something different with this shoot.  I am the owner of the company and have always taken the safe approach to display the products( woods, tanks, grenades, etc. the normal military stuff).  This time around I wanted to take a look at the people who are left behind and how the cope with "you" the military member being gone.  The up's, down's and just living normal life.  I had to kind of scrap the scenery of the lookbook becaue I couldn't get to the place where I wanted to shoot.  Also, I'm not too sure how I displayed cold becuase it was around 99 degrees outside, lol.  But the model was a trooper.    Not sure if I am suppose to explain everyshot but I will give a little insight as to the look I was going for when I was shooting the particular shot.

I couldn't choose just 5 but I did get it down to 14 pics.  I think with the layout of these images most of them are really only good for blog press.  However, I think that some of these pics are very powerful(shots: 3,4,9,10) but thouse could be used in magazine advertisments two-page spread.

Shot 1:  I wanted her to look somewhat worried or distrcted as to how she can manage to live life with out her man.

Shot 2:  More of the same, but more so thinking back on the memories they had together.

Shot 3:  I really wanted her to smile.  Give a look of a good memory of the last time they were together or the smell he left on the inside neck-collar of her jacket. Every woman knows the scent of her man.

Shot 4:  The waiting game.  How her day now revolves around him calling at weird hours of the day or night because he is traveling to his new home for the next 6-8 months.

Shot 5:  Bad news, as she missed his phone call.  Now she doesn't know when he will or can call agian.

Shot 6:  More waiting.  She's really getting mad at herself that he hasn't called back yet.

Shot 7:  Time to move on with the day and hope that he calls again.

Shot 8:  She can't move on with her day until he calls again.

Shot 9:  Sadness that her love is gone.

Shot 10:  More of the same.  Just a different look.

Shot 11:  More of the same.  Just a different look.

Shot 12:  Prayer for her love's safety.

Shot 13:  More of the same. Prayer for her love's safety.

Shot 14:  "Anger/Pain"

Any suggesstions on how to imporve are welcome.  Thank you.


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