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Jonasson by the sea

The Jonassons.

Nothing fancy about my family. The name Jonasson isn't very old either, it was just some guy called Jonas who got a son and after that son was called Jonasson they stopped taking the last names of the fathers. The folks that got stuck with the name Jonasson were mostly fishermen and they settled on the coast in the fishing village Råå. Which means Raw River. Rå (Raw) Å (river). Hence the Hook wich also is a "J".

I've been searching for motivation to finally make the hook thing digital, needed a Draplin to tell me to do it. 

Next up, the shield. My granpa always bragged about him being really good at football (soccer to all of you americans who play football in a helmet using your hands). I simply stole the shape from our old club. Building it in illustrator again. 

I decided to put the lowels I made in the shield instead of outside since the should represent my moms side of our tiny family. "The fisherman meets the coutry girl" and 

Since my family is all Swedish, living in Sweden, speaking swedish there is no use of writing a bunch of english quotes. "SKA BARA" means something like, "I'M JUST GONNA.." and it means we never get anything done because we are always doing something else. 

Design is removing things, not adding. So, it may look a little lonley without the laurels and the "where I'm from", but I don't give a shit where people are from. Internet made this planet nation-less. So I just didn't include it in my design. Or maybe it just didn't look very nice.. The blue and yellow colour does NOT come from the Swedish flag, it's the sky and ocean.. 

Anyway, enough talking. Heres the crest. 


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