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Jon the Mod

I really loved this class. Watching the videos and the passion that Ray has for typography and design is inspiring.

I chose to do "Jon the Mod" as my logotype. Jon the Mod is the screen name I use for many of my antics on the interwebs, but especially on Instagram (check me out @jonthemod). Ultimately it comes from my name (Jonathan) and a character from the movie SLC Punk (literally, Jon the mod). But, enough of that. Let's get to the process.

I started by simply sketching out some ideas (sorry for the orientation, can't get it load right side up).


After that, I narrowed it down to the diamond-esque shape and used an existing font to sort of map it out:


Then, on to sketching and altering (again, sorry for the orientation):


Next, I went back to the computer and started building my letterforms, messing with accent pieces, and added some texture. I also laid out a few colorways and came up with this:


Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for viewing! - @jonthemod (aka Jonathan)


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