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Jon Loves Brittany

After almost 5 years together, and 3 years of co-habitating, Jon and I have gotten engaged, and are in the midst of planning a wedding that is perfectly us. Of course, this starts with designing our couple 'identity'. We plan on using this logo on all of our wedding (and even post-wedded) materials.

He grew up in New England and lived in Colorado and Central America before he moved to Texas, and I'm a Houston Native who has lived temporarily in Asia and Europe. We met while both working for the Athletic Department at Texas A&M University. Our friends and family are spread out over the globe, so the variety of the activities surrounding the nuptials will range from formal to casual and season to season.

We share a variety of interests, including craft beer (he's a home brewer), wine, good music, adventure, traveling, animals, outdoor activities, physical fitness (he's an Ironman, and I'm a Pilates/barre instructor), interesting food and doing anything once.

I'd like to be able to come up with something that is positively us, and can fit our multifaceted selves and relationship. I'm new to logo design, but have had an interest in composition and design for quite some time (I even read this book for fun a few years ago); any and all feedback is very much appreciated!


Our favorite colors are Purple and Green, and Yellow Roses have special significance for both of us in different ways. After getting engaged, I went to celebrate with a girlfriend in NYC, and whle at the Met, we stumbled upon the water lily painting above by Monet and instantly knew that it must play a role in the inspiration for colors/design somehow.


I sketched a few on a napkin in an airport, but these are the first 'formal' sketches I've made, since after watching the initial video:


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