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Jon Brommet

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Jon Brommet

So I've wanted to do a stamp for a long time now. Actually, I was going to make it the contest in my next class! Haha. In any event, I love your tutorials and I figured it's about time I made my project.

I don't own a lot of books, nor to I really lend them out, so an actual book plate isn't of use to me really. But I wanted a stamp that I could use on boxes etc. when I send out art prints!

Inspiration / Mood Boards

I put all my reference photos together in one Pinterest board. I have linked it below and also put a small screenshot of it as well.

My Pinterest Board



My Design Without Texture

I wanted to try something new so I put together a new design based on a baseball theme. It doesn't neccessarily relate to my business as a designer or illustrator, however it's something I personally enjoy and this stamp is just for fun to dress up some boxes or envelopes! So I wanted to give it my personality.


My Design With Texture


Thanks for the great class Jamie! I hope you all enjoy my stamp!


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