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Jon Brommet

Graphic Designer



Jon Brommet Graphic Design & Illustration

What's My Design For:

My Business card is for my own business, which is Jon Brommet Graphic Design & Illustration!

Reference Photos:

You can post your reference photos directly to here, or use Pinterest and create a board with inspiration photos. In my case, I used Pinterest.


My Favorite Jukebox Print Card:

Although my cards won't be laser cut like this one, I still love how unique and interesting it looks. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a really engaging photo to highlight the card!


My Rough Sketches:

Keep in mind here that you don't need the sketches to be thorough or even look good. You just want enough information that you can remember what you had in mind when you drew it. Just keep each thumbnail quick and simple!


My Final Business Card:

My final cards are a 2-ply wood and cotton print. I love how they turned out overall as you will see in the videos. This is my mockup of the cards much like what you will all make!


Printed Cards:

I don't expect you to do this step as obviously you won't have your cards printed yet!! But Mine are done so here they are in all their glory! JukeBox Print did an awesome job! They are about twice the thickness of a regular card too.


That's It!

I hope you all enjoy the class and would love to hear your feedback. Can't wait to see your designs!


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