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Jolly Corporation

Update 1: We've been enjoying Dark Souls lately and have obsessed over the LORE of it all. Our favorite character would have to be Solaire of Astora. He's happy and cheerful, even in the darkest of situations, and he will always help you out if you need a fighting buddy. 

The saying that we are using are just a few words, but those who love this series will know right away who this is about, "Let us engage in jolly coroporation."

Here are some of my inspirations from Solair.

And here is my brainstorm sheet to help me with the feel of this project:

We're excited to see what the project will look like and how unique it can be. Thanks for looking!


Monet & Joey

Update 2: I'm still working on practicing with the word ENGAGE but changed it to JOLLY. I need lots of practice, but i'm enjoying the process. 

Here's a picture of my warm ups on the different lettering styles, i'm still brainstorming on what lettering I think it should be. I'm thinking sticking with a traditional caligraphy or ornament (which I have not tried yet, still working the basics) style. Who knows, tonight I might want to mess with the idea of sign lettering, like an old 50's add/ old vegas style.... so many possibilities. 

The above picture is a doodle my husband did to inspire me... I've been a little lazy this week :)


Monet & Joey

Update 3: I did a few more lettering practices and thumbnail a few ideas. I'm loving the light up sign idea and incorporating lighting bolts (since Solaire uses the thunderbolt as a weapon) and I can't forget about the smiling skull... (because he's undead.) I realized that I misspelled Corporation a few times lol, my mind is never on the right place. 

Update 4: I was messing around with a circular background and handshake, but I was not loving it. So Instead I had drawn a mini solair (second picture) and I was enjoying this one more, I think because of the cute factor. 

Final one inked out! Woo Hoo! I might add more to it later, but for right now I will close this chapter on this class :)


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