Join me in UNiTE gender equality project

Join me in UNiTE gender equality project - student project

I came home a little bit late from a birthday party. My dad looked at me with a short skirt, my make up and my red nail color. Booop! He slapped me over my face. I hadn’t realized what was happening yet. He was shouting angrily: Look at you! like a bar girl. You are not my daughter. Get out from my house! I was just crying running out out the door. Since that day I moved to my school doom.

I grew up in a strict family. In all my childhood, the images in my mind was my mom staying full time at home doing housework and my dad shouting at her when the food didn’t taste like he wanted. I knew I don’t want to live my life like my mom's. I finished my college and got a fellowship to study in humanity and gender equality. From which I got opportunities to travel around the world, listened to thousands of women stories and got inspired by lots of women leaders. Now I’m supporting for UNiTE, an UN Women project, to end violence against women worldwide. Some of you might experience of the violence in your family or you might see it happens to women around you, could be your relatives, your neighbors, your friends, or a women you know. Let's stop that! Join us in the campaign by liking our FB page, share our posts, and spread the words about gender equality. One contribution could bring a big change in the society.