Join fitocracy and class group

I am aare at the number of resources available for those on the weightloss journey. I shouldn't be surprised because of the growing epidemic and capitalistic nature of our society but it is still amazing! So, I joined the website and the group. The website has a lot of great information and ways to get started in losing weight. I live and work on a college campus so my days and nights drag into each other. Even in my best intentions (like for one past town days) I've attempted to workout and had an obstacle. Even as I write this, I honestly welcome things that distract me from working out. I've never liked being active but feel so much better when I so it. This is what obesity does, you are stuck in a constant state of lethargy. Always tired, always got too much going on. How does one push through this? Also, with my compensation comes a meal plan hall we dining hall...what's the best method to navigating it?

I'm looking forward to this Skillshare class - I hope to push through and be successful at wieght loss and health - my life's at stakey'all all!

Fred's on my case - gotta get moving!


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