Johnston Canyon Hike - Banff National Park

My name is Mackenzie (@mgripe21) and I have been a full-time graphic designer for 3 years and have been taking pictures for +11 years. I have been doing your typical, sunlight-preferred portrait & wedding photography for the last 4 years. But I truly love people-less photography. 

My best friend and I have been friends for 18 years. From school playgrounds, to basketball practices, we have experienced many parts of life together. Since we now have steady jobs, we now get to experience the world together. Banff National Park was on our list.

This hike was 7 miles round-trip. And the view was worth it. It was truly a magnificent sight to be able to see the layers of green and bodies of water, all in one point-of-view. The hike had different kinds of forestry, which let in different levels of light. So some of the hike had dramatic lighting, and some had airy lighting. The clouds changed as well. Which in the second picture, the wispy clouds contrasted the harsh angles very well, in addition to the levels of color. 

Always take the longer hike, you won't be sorry.





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