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Johnny Tattoos

Hey! My name is Ryan Coppola. I'm a soon to be graduate living in New York and I have a t-shirt problem.

I'm excited to start working on this design project with the intent of creating an awesome t-shirt. There are few things more instantly badass than tattoos (or a cupcake and crossbones). So, I am going to take my project in that direction and combine the two. I want to combine some aspects of tattoos, such as clean, bold lines and crisp colors with the Johnny Cupcakes brand. I want to make the Johnny Cupcakes logo into a traditional styled tattoo, or perhaps a japanese style tattoo. I know Johnny Cupcakes has tackled similar ideas in the past, such as on Valentines Day, but I want to create something different. 

At the same time, I want to keep the playful and unique brand of Johnny Cupcakes in mind. I will try to incorporate baking elements such as kitchen ingredients and tools (like rolling pins) into my tattoo-esque designs. I think this will better appeal to the Johnny Cupcakes demographic as well as the brand.


A pin-up girl looking over her shoulder winking. She will be wearing a baker hat and will have the Johnny Cupcake logo tattooed on her shoulder. 


The traditional anchor idea. Perhaps the anchor will be puncturing the logo? Looking for feedback!

I have designed tattoos for various friends, as well as for fun. Plot twist: I have no tattoos. 

Hey look, a skull with a candle on its head.

Yes, that is a Bouncing Souls logo on the sail.

There are a bunch of hidden musical references in this skull...its like a bad I-spy puzzle. 

 I saw a design similar to this on a t-shirt once. I decided to make my own take on it.

What I want to learn:

  • How to translate designs into powerful t-shirt concepts
  • How to better refine my Illustrator skills
  • How many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop

About me:

  • I love music. I play piano, synth, guitar, ukulele, and sing. I may try to incorporate music themes into my designs.
  • I had a great burrito for lunch today.
  • I love typography and can't wait to incorporate some crazy ideas into my designs.

I'm looking forward to getting started and I can't wait to hear some feedback and see some new designs.


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