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Johnny Cupcakes X Super7 Recreation

I love the style that Johnny Cupcakes developed over the years. It has that hard outline illustration that I admire from other designers such as devilrobots, tokidoki, and superdeux. What I want to do here is recreate this print to better my shape forming and my own style.

Step 1:

Form building with shapes and pen tool.

It was a bit tricky to tackle this project. There are many details in this simple illustration especially with the monster's head being made up like a mummy's wrappings. So I decided to create a white circle for the basis of the head and use the pen tool while adjust the thickness of the lines to match the initial image. I also started with using a black circle in a different layer along with tracing the hat with the pen tool.

I continued to make the little mummy character's arm more noticable. Looking at the original piece, I realized that strokes of the mummy's arm are more organic and rounded. I had to create customized brushes to mimic the curves found in the bends of the arms. Also, I started to create some of the candies with basic shapes found in the program.


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