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Johnny Cupcakes - What's cooking in the kitchen?

Hello everyone! My name is Stephen Willey, I'm a 19-year-old artist based out of Maryland looking to segway my art into the t-shirt industry. My art mainly consists of complex linework as well as work with the human figure, and is mainly inspired by t-shirt artists such as Dan Mumford and Godmachine. I do most of my work in the traditional medium, but I do have the necessary tools to do digital artwork (though I personally enjoy the feel of traditional art more) and I'm trying to learn how to use them to create the type of art that led me into being an artist! Which leads me to my choice; Johnny Cupcakes was one of the first brands I came across when I started really paying attention to the Indie T-shirt industry, along with the likes of Electric Zombie and Miles To Go Clothing. And although my style would fit the latter two better, I enjoy a challenge, so I chose Johnny Cupcakes as my brand of choice.

Here's a few of my personal favorite Cupcakes shirts.

So my main idea for my design is to carry my figure-styled work over to the Johnny Cupcakes realm of cartoon color and happiness. I intend to stick to the Johnny Cupcakes basis of bright colors, cooking and food, and positive outlook. The main concept I came up with, was creating a sort of "classic pin-up" Idea to it. Here's one of the more tasteful examples I found:

Being a personal fan of old, early 1900's propaganda posters and pin-up art, my main concept will involve an old, somewhat vintage feeleing of an advertisement featuring a pretty lady, perhaps near an oven and references towards the cooking aspect of Johnny Cupcakes, with the phrase "Come see what's cooking!" and the Johnny Cupcakes logo featured around. I hope you guys enjoy my idea! I can't wait to start sketching it up!

Here's a link to my Facebook art page if anyone in interested in seeing my traditional artwork:


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