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Cecily Kidd

Graphic designer



Johnny Cupcakes -> UP

UPDATE 4/25/13

UPDATE 4/24/13 

UPDATE 4/16- The type is just a placeholder right now... will be hand drawn in the end... I want to incorporate the little tag at the bottom and make it look like the balloons are pulling the bakery away, although I am not sure if I have achieved that effect.

UPDATE 4/15, part 2- something seems off but I can't quite put my finger on it... any thoughts? I am planning on working the typography in the bakery title, so that is just a placeholder right now.

UPDATE 4/15- Updated cupcake sketch.

UPDATE 4/13, part 2- Toying with the idea of making the balloons look like cupcakes, like they are in the lower right corner (there won't be anything there in the final version). The balloons and string need some work, and I may change the saying on the window...I welcome any and all feedback!

UPDATE 4/13- This is my sketch based on the movie Up... Thoughts / feedback?

I am a graphic designer in the Washington DC area and this is my first venture into the world of tshirt design! Given that Chris Delorenzo is the instructor, it only seems fitting to do a JC design.

I am currently in love with the JC brand because it is so incredibly diverse while maintaining a distinct style. I have seen JC pop up on blogs for several years now, but I get even more intrigued with every new shirt design I find. I love how they all tell a story and have made me realize how much goes into making a kick ass design. 

These are my favorite JC shirts:

I want to do something iconic and recognizable while still thinking outside of the box and avoiding the completely obvious (like the superman logo and I heart NY).

I posted some other ideas earlier, but I have decided to go another route and play on the Up movie poster.


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