Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace

Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - student project


I decided that I would like to take my project to the outer limits of space. A lot of the retro posters I found on Google revolved around the idea of tours through space and different planets. Those posters inspired this quick sketch....

Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 1 - student project 

It's obviously rough. The pieces need moved around a bit and I would like to make a more original rocket. I will probably add at least one more small planet and more "stars", which are actually sprinkles. 

I incorporated the character you see featured on many JC shirts and I believe that he could be featured alone on a shirt as an astronaut as well. I may even make a second graphic of it.

Any ideas on the color scheme?

Comments, criticisms, tips, and anything else you can think of will be greatly appreciated. 



Hey everyone! 

I'm TJ and I will be designing for JC. I am rather new to graphic design and mostly here to pick up more knowledge as I plan to one day start my own company. I have always drawn and had a keen interest in anything creative. 

I chose to work with Johnny Cupcakes because of what the brand is all about. JC is all about fun and the idea of never losing your youth. Reminding us that it's okay to be a child even if we've aged a bit. These are the same reasons I still wear the brand as an adult male. 

As far as designs go JC is always interesting. The designs that rely more on graphics typically have a depth to them or play off of something in pop culture. The designs are relateable and easy to make a connection to for a large audience. 

My earliest memory of Johnny Cupcakes is seeing my favorite bands in high school, roughly 10 years ago, wearing the basic logo shirts in various colors.

Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 2 - student project    Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 3 - student project                                                 

    Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 4 - student project  The more I learned about the brand and what it was about, the more I liked it.

JC is more than just a logo on a tshirt. They also have more intricate graphic and typographic designs.

Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 5 - student project  Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 6 - student project

Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 7 - student project                                       Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 8 - student project

Lastly, the brand also uses a reoccuring character...

Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 9 - student project  Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 10 - student project

Johnny Cupcakes - Outerspace - image 11 - student project

He may or may not have eaten too many cupcakes. (I don't think there's a such thing as too many cupcakes.)

I look forward to sketching out ideas and sharing them with all of you!

Sorry for the disorganized feel and lack of personalization. I've been really busy this week and I also got caught up looking at a lot of the projects you have all posted. It is incredible to see so many creative and talented people striving to learn more and work together to help each other progress and grow as artists/designers.