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Johnny Cupcakes Meets NASA 2.0 (UPDATED)

Hello All: 

One of the things like about Johnny Cuppcakes brand is how the brand fuse/mergeres with other well recognizeable brands. Hare is a test of an idea I had what if Johnny Cupcakes teamed up with NASA, and here is wat happened.

I hope you like it.

Tkank you,



Hello All:

I had some good feedback (Thank you Chris and Andrew), after some thought I made some changes to the fusion process. I added back the “cross bones.” Then I added this to a T-shirt graphic.

I also made the fusion graphic into a sticker hanger to go with the T-shirt, because who doesn’t like stickers. There fun aren't they.

Thank you to those who view this update, I welcome any feedback as this is my first blog like experience .




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