Johnny Cupcakes Denver

Johnny Cupcakes Denver - student project


Decided to go with a grey shirt to really allow the vibrant colors of the design to show. I thought about a powder blue shirt, but the design was having to compete with the shirt color too much. I also decided to throw in some sprinkles, which I think benefits the idea of the "cupcake mountain". Keeping with the Nuggets color scheme seemed to work out for the best, although it might be fun to try out a couple different palettes.

Johnny Cupcakes Denver - image 1 - student project


So after some good feedback and going back to my original instinct, I decided to lean into the whole Denver Nuggets theme for my design. Since this is the "Denver" store, I liked the idea of sticking locally and what better way then with a parody. The front of the shirt will feature the "nug" type logo, and the back of the shirt will sport the cupcake and pick axe insignia. I'm not sure if the cupcake mountain is easily identifable enough as a cupcake. Debating to add some sprinkles or some other subtle feature. Thoughts?

Johnny Cupcakes Denver - image 2 - student project

Hello my name is Shane, and I'm a Johnny Cupcakaholic.

Like most of us in the class, I've been a fan of Johnny and the brand for a few years now. I had the privilege to first meet Johnny during his Suitcase Tour stop in Denver back in 2010. The authenticity and pure fun that you see throughout the brand truly trickles down from the top with Johnny. My wife and I have also been lucky enough to visit his Newbury shop in Boston, as well as the London store.
Alright, enough about my fandom bio. As soon as Chris said that we could design a tee for the Johnny Cupcakes brand in this class I was sold. So I decided to create a tee for the Johnny Cupcakes Denver store! Yes, you're right, this would be a dream come true to have a brick and mortar shop in Denver. So I followed the mantra "do more of what makes you happy," and the idea of a Denver store makes me happy. So here is my attempt to create a Denver/Colorado theme Johnny Cupcakes shirt.

For my sketches, I wanted to capture a lot of what I've seen the brand do through the years, which is simply being fun with clean design. I took Chris' pointers to heart and tried to play off of the "baking" concept. So I'm creating the first shirt for the Denver store with a ski-baker. I also wanted to  incorporate the popular Colorado "C" logo, while also depicting the popular mountainous geography.
The bottom two sketches are a play off of the Denver Nuggets logo. I think one of these would make for a great logo on the back of the shirt.
Johnny Cupcakes Denver - image 3 - student project

The texture and line work that Chris created in these shirts really helped me come up with my initial sketches.
Johnny Cupcakes Denver - image 4 - student project
I also found this vintage ski art.
Johnny Cupcakes Denver - image 5 - student project
The Denver Nuggets logo inspired the Johnny logo for the back of the shirt. But I may also pick up this color scheme for my Denver shirt.
Johnny Cupcakes Denver - image 6 - student project
Any and all feedback is defintely welcome!
Shane Harris