Johnny Cupcakes - Cupcake ad

Johnny Cupcakes - Cupcake ad - student project

Johnny Cupcakes - Cupcake ad - image 1 - student project

- 12/04 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have been going back and forth the last couple of days over what I am going to base my designs over, I have been all over the place, from Horror and zombies to infomercials, and have a few ideas for those as well, but i think I have settled on ads as a theme.

I work in advertising (although I don't really directly do what one would call an add) so I thought it would be fitting to do a design aound a mock adversisement.
I am going to do a Johnny Cupcakes - cupcake ad, in a vintage design but in my own style. Poking fun at the way superlatives was used back then to describe the most incredible products you had ever laid your eyes upon.

Johnny Cupcakes - Cupcake ad - image 2 - student project

- 15/04 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Zombies have tainted my mind! once they get in there, everything i draw seems to turn into a zombie ;P So in order to get zombies out of my head... Here is one of the more strange ideas, chunky-brain candy bar, for your undead loved ones.

I will keep sketching and see what I come up with.

Johnny Cupcakes - Cupcake ad - image 3 - student project