Johnny Cupcakes Cereal Brand

Johnny Cupcakes Cereal Brand - student project

Hi, my name is Tori Alba and I'm a graphic design student from Southern California. When I was a girl I was always inspired by my uncle who worked at a little screen printing shop in Ontario, CA that printed Active Ride Shop shirts and Kidrobot shirts. I won a scolarship to go to college because of my screen printing skills and now I'm pursuing a bachelors degree in graphic design at The Art Institute of California- Inland Empire.

I've been a HUGE fan of Johnny Cupcakes and I was also featured on Jerren Parker's website. I recently met up with Johnny Earle on April Fool's Day when he did his college lecture at my school. The thing that really made me laugh was when he told everyone he used to drive wearing a tiger mask and would follow and stare people down. Once he got their attention he would bring up a box of frosted flakes and eat it while continuing to stare at them. 

My t-shirt concept is based off Johnny's little story he shared with us. I want to have a Johnny Cupcakes cereal brand illustration on the t-shirt. Not to sure what color shirt yet because Ive done some research on what color cereal boxes are and they differ. Johnny Cupcakes Cereal Brand - image 1 - student project

I really liked the vertical layout on the "Death for Dessert" t-shirt and the packaging for the t-shirt. The graphic transfered from the shirt to the box perfectly and that is what I wish to create for my Johnny Cupcake Shirt.

I'm a sucker for packaging and I would like to create a cereal box that would carry the Johnny Cupcakes Cereal Brand shirt.Johnny Cupcakes Cereal Brand - image 2 - student projectJohnny Cupcakes Cereal Brand - image 3 - student project

I'm camping out for the movie event at the los angeles store right now and working on my sketches.

Johnny Cupcakes Cereal Brand - image 4 - student project

Its not my best sketch, but I hope you see my concept. After this movie event I will make a digital rough so you guys can see it.


Tori Alba

Tori Alba

Graphic Designer