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Johnny Cupcakes Brand Study

Below are my concept sketches. 

I decided to to with the concept of Johnny Cupcakes Brand Pranks. Pranks are a huge part of the Johnny Cupcakes story, and I thought it would be fun to see a few classic pranks branded with JC. 

Would love to hear feedback on which design to go with and any critiques! 


Hey friends! My name is Justin Boh, and I'm a visual storyteller over at Epipheo. I spend my days helping companies and organizations tell their stories... usually by storyboarding, styling, and animating videos in the simplest and clearest way possible.  

There are, however, graphic limitations in limited animation. The medium is really great at communicating certain things, but can lack in other areas. My goal in this course is to create an interesting and engaging static image meant for a t-shirt... that tells a story.

Since I don't have my own brand to design for, I'm going to do a design for Johnny Cupcakes.

Below are some images from the brand:


  • Colorful/fun designs
  • Customer experience is key importance
  • Often poke fun at pop culture icons
  • Usually incorporate both graphic elements and type
  • Consistency across the brand
  • Often humorous
  • Brand theme - 'Do More of What Makes You Happy' - JC values their customers beyond their money

My design will try to incorporate these themes to create a t-shirt design that fits with brand and is engaging to the max.


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