Johnny Cupcakes: Ate It, 8bit

Johnny Cupcakes: Ate It, 8bit - student project


So, I know I chose my own brand inittialy, but as the class progressed, I found that i'd run into issues down the road because I truly misunderstood how a succesful tshirt brand works. Before i can launch a brand of my own, I need to fully understand how to design a successful tshirt.

Thus, Ive chose Johnny Cupcakes as my bew focus. Not only because Delorenzo is the lead designer, but because when I was designing shirts for a big name company, I lost my spark. I remember seeing the Johnny Cupcakes' Jurassic Park tee and i was blown away. A spark rikindles. Thus, Look at this project as an attempt to give everyone inspiration, and motivation like how Johnny Cupcakes had given me.

I took the day today researching the brand, really getting the essence of what its about. He's done everything from nostalgic movie spoofs, to just plain good illustrations. I came up with an idea that I dont believed was touched upon before, video games.

everyone growing up loving Supe Mario, especially on the classic NES . I thought a flip would suit the brand well:

Johnny Cupcakes: Ate It, 8bit - image 1 - student project

Ive done some sketches, Ill upload them when Im happy with them :D



Hey Everybody!

I want to start of by giving a huge THANKS DUDE! to Chris Delorenzo for putting this all together. I'm a huge fan of your work. 

My name is Mike, and I'm an illustratror and t-shirt/fashion designer from Mississauga, Ontario. I've worked in the t-shirt business for 6 years, designing shirts for Nicolodean, Disney & Lucas Films (Just to name a few). I recently quit that 'perfect' job to focus on myself. Take a chance, and come out of the other side with a brand I could be proud of.

The brand I came up with was Dirtee Laundry Co (working title). It's essentially a homage to 90's. Everything I grew up with, bringing nostalgia to the person wearing the shirt, while bringing a twist to the table: A panda. Why a panda? Because a panda, in my mind, represents the past. Taking that there extinct now, and that the days of when i was a kid, are also in the past. I found it a perfect fit.