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John, the talking toilet.

The reason why I'm taking this class is because I wrote a web-series about a talking toilet.  His name is John and he has never experienced his first flush aka losing his viriginity.  I am going to hire an animator to animate it (if you have any recommendations, please let me know!).  However, before I do that I want to storyboard it myself so I can show them a very clear picture of what I'm wanting.

I pulled a scene from my script that I think would be fun and challenging to storyboard.  It's from my life… and yes I have been known to talk to toilets from time to time.  Just check out my twitter @AliShadle.

Here's my scene:

When I was younger, I was chunky and my prerogative was to blend in rather than stand out.  Trying to be helpful, my mom made me wear a rainbow inspired outfit… tight rainbow tights, bright yellow top, black skirt, and a rainbow slinky in my hair.  She thought getting extra attention would help me.  (How?  I have no idea!).  I was the last person to climb off the bus and the crowd of students parted like the red tide.  They were all looking at me and snickering.  I felt so small.

I went to english class, with the super cute professor.  And when he asked a question, the same mean girl said she couldn't hear him, because my outfit was too loud.  I sank down so low in my seat.

It was one of those days when you're supposed to go off and work in pairs.  I hated that because I didn't have a lot of friends and I was always leftovers.  I really appreciated it, when teachers picked your partner for you.  So of course, I was the last one left with a mentally-handicapped girl.  The mean girl said something to the effect of, "I didn't know the short bus dropped off people at our class."  Then she says to the mentally-handicapped girl, "You're wayy to cool for her."  The mentally-handicapped girl gave me an "You're disgusting." look.

The bell rang.. finally, and the mean girl was waiting for me at the door.  She said, “Ali, I really admire your bravery.  I mean wearing that outfit is tough to pull off, but espcially on someone of your size.  You’re like the class clown.. except not funny and no one likes you.”  All of her friends laughed and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the cute teacher look at me pitifully.

I ran to the bathroom, checking every stall, looking for feet below.  I just wanted to die.  The stalls were all occupied.  Finally, I got to the last one which was open.  I dropped my books, slammed the door and just started balling.

That's when I met John, the talking toilet.  I hear, someone say "AHEM", as if they were clearing their throat.  I look all around and theres no one in the bathroom with me.

Then I hear someone say, "Poop or get off the pot."  I look around again, there's no one there.
You heard me.  I don’t tolerate tears in this stall.  Try the automotons to the left.  They don’t talk about anything... We see a picture of a toilet that is jsut a toilet. It can’t talk.
Damm toilets, they don’t say a word.

Lotti turns around and see’s the toilet talking.  He says hi and she BURSTS into tears.  Chill out, people can hear you.  Here ... he’s eyes motion toward teh toilet paper.  Grab a square.

Lotti tears off a piece of toilet paper and dabs her eyes.  That’s it.  There you go.  Its alright.  Alright, so either you got dressed in the dark or you’re mentally retarded.

My Mom made me wear this... And you listened?  Tell her to put a lid on it.

I’m John.  Lotti. she tentatively holds out her hand, but realizes he doesn’t have any.  Sorry.
Girl, don’t apologize to anyone.. okay? From here on out you spit, you curse, you fight, but you NEVER apologize... and always stand your ground.
-She nods. softly, okay.
I can’t hear you??
-She steps closer and little bit louder, OK.
-OKAY!  Then he spits water up at her face like a fire hose, she falls back into the stall door, and falls to the ground.
John’s laughing at her and she can't help but laugh too.
John says, "Friends?"
Lotti replays, "Friends."
Lotti is on the ground soaked and shared a smile with John.


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