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John Scalzi - Redshirts

Hello everyone,

I chose this amazing book by John Scalzi, I found the two covers that were published (practically the same cover)... and 3 alternative ones that were part of the design process which gives us an insight on the direction they were looking for. 

Here's a plot summary of the story:

Ensign Andrew Dahl, newly assigned to the Intrepid, flagship of the Universal Union, works in the xenobiology lab. However, upon receiving the chance to work with famed senior officers of the ship on "Away Missions" to dangerous planets, Dahl realizes that as a low-ranking crew member, he is very likely to be killed while on one of these missions.

He and the other new ensigns notice something weird about life aboard the Intrepid — on any away mission, at least one crew member dies. And each away mission seems to follow a bizarre set of rules. The crew of the Intrepid has become very superstitious and fearful about getting involved in the bridge crew's missions.

The ensigns get to know Lt. Kerensky, who is Russian, lecherous and constantly getting infected with diseases, beaten within an inch of life, or otherwise hurt — only to be totally fine a few days later. Lt. Kerensky winds up dating Ensign Duvall, one of the new ensigns. After meeting with a lost crewmember, the ensigns learn that they are characters in a TV show.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that the cover is repeating what the title says (redumdance)... instead of focusing on the concepts of alternative realities and the links/mix between those two worlds. I am going to start working on this idea.


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