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John Harbor's Coffee House - Origin Stories

I have heard it discussed that there is only one true movie plot - Who Am I?  I suppose this explains why sequels typically fall short... we already know the answer.  But, once in a while, we are privy to an Empire-Strikes-Back-sort-of-experience.  An experience that goes beyond who am I and asks how great can I be?  What inspires me?  And, ultimately, how do I connect?

The last two decades have seen coffee rise in the American conscious to the point of replacing cigarettes as the go to need for a refreshing break.  I suppose a high schooler on a caffeine high is much better than one addicted to tabacco, but what makes this commodity, this magical bean so special that it can be made straight up black, with a little sugar and cream, Americano, Cappucino quad shot extra dry, or the classic vanilla latte and yet transcend age and gender.  And, seriously, how is it there are still some in the dark (no punn intended) about this amazing comodity?

This is where we find John Harbor's Origin Stories.  Now, it can be debated whether the era of Maxwell House, Sanka, and Folgers is the true Star Wars in our analogy or whether the rise of Starbucks fills the preverbial boots. In any case, the introduction, who am I story has unfolded and coffee is officially known in every household.  Where we are interested, is the special stories of who is training with Yoda in Degoba, and exactly what is going on with Han and that carbon freeze chamber.

In our coffee house origin stories, tasting palate is the Force, Degoba can be Uganda, Peru, or some new territory you haven't had the opportunity to taste yet, and the roaster... well depending on the storyline, that's the X-Wing or the Falcon.

Let me introduce you to a few new characters, their equipment, and their impactful presence in connecting community.


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