Joe Holly, Pretty Good Photographer

Joe Holly, Pretty Good Photographer - student project

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4. This is so cool. I made a 30-second video of a few bird shots, put it on my page and it plays...I mean, this is REALLY cool.

It begins to look like I might actually learn how to do this voodoo. Thank you, Jonathan.

Joe Holly, Pretty Good Photographer - image 1 - student project

3. Well now. I'm finally ready to put up the third incarnation. Don't have much time to chat about it, tho. Didn't have any real syntax problems this time with the infamous Vallidator. I tried to challenge the language a bit with a teeny bit of humor. And included a poem written by my grandson and posted by me on my fact here is a copy of the image...kinda shrunken. This time the ever chnging Cover photo is a pink rose on a dewy morning...onward

The Cover photo is a pink rose on a dewy morning...

Joe Holly, Pretty Good Photographer - image 2 - student project

Joe Holly, Pretty Good Photographer - image 3 - student project

The URL for my Project is:

2. I just finished the second group, added a table, form and login. And a fourth page. This stuff is beginning to come back to me. I'm getting a few decent photos up, just for fun. My copy of Sublime writer never did work corrctly for me after I got the message. However, I am trying others. BBEdit was the original app that wrote the web from the start, I think, and now I get to try it. Very good.



1. I have come to this class because I decided it is time to get my photos online. Actually I have a website that I wrote in the early 1990s and it is still online in pretty much the original state. Basically I have been using it as a base for my email address so that when I change ISPs my address can stay the same. 

Photography has been my life since I first discovered my affinity for it in 1962. My Nikons have supported me since then, including several newspapers in the Northwest and 23 years with the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper in California. I burned out, and left to start my Graphic Design business in 1992. I was reintroduced to the magic of Digital Photography around 2005, closed my business and went back to shooting. 

Today, I am producing amazing images on a daily basis...I often feel that these opportunities are placed in front of my cameras and I am just recording them...the tool, rather than the artist...

At any rate, as I try to remember coding and wrestle this web thingy into some kind of meaning, I hope you enjoy what I am able to get online...

best wishes, joe holly