Jodie's Goals



I'm Jodie and here I am going to share my condensed vision, my goals, my hedgehog, and my declaration.  All of these things motivate me to wake-up every morning and I have these posted in my house so I can always remember my purpose and ensure that I am always thinking above the line. My goals are 2 health, 2 personal and 2 career goals for each of the years (in that order!). Enjoy!! If you have any questions, or feedback please let me know. There is nothing I love more than talking about my goals :)

My Vision:

It is 2022 and I am 31 years old. It’s Sunday and I am out hiking with my dog, Summer, my first German Sheppard. I hear a noise behind me and turn around and see my husband coming to join us. When I see him, I can’t help but smile; he is such a catch and I love him so much. We have recently traded in our city lives and bought our first home together out in the country. We both still commute into the city together every day for work, but we bought this house to raise our family. I work downtown as a VP in Talent and Leadership Development and, I can honestly say I have the best job in the world. Even though we are workaholics, my husband and I combine our love for outdoors and travelling and each year we take a trip to hike and explore. Every Sunday we share our passion for cooking with our parents and we have them over for a nice meal (and wine!). This Sunday we have good news to share…we are expecting! I love this life I have created and I cannot wait to plan my vision for the next 10, 20, 30 years. I have my dream guy, dream job, and dream family, and I could not be happier in this moment.


My Goals/ Wicked Life

1 Year – 2013:

  • August 2013: I run the Sea Wheeze half-marathon with my mom and aunt (for my bday!)
  • November 2013: I sweat 3 times a week (with a friend!)
  • November 2013: I am the go-to goal coach for my coworkers, friends and family
  • November 2013: I am connecting with HR people in my community in twice  a month
  • September 2013: I am at George Brown completing my Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • May 2014: I am a people intern at Lululemon for my co-op term

5 Year - 2017:

  • November 2017: I am a runner. I need to run (at least!) 5 km a day.
  • November 2017: Every Sunday I disappear and read a book for the whole afternoon
  • November 2017: I have a “date” night with my mom and dad once a week
  • November 2017: I catch up with a friend over coffee (or wine!) once a week
  • April 2017: I have my MBA
  • April 2017: I am a people recruiter connecting people to their dream job

10 Year - 2022:

  • November 2022: I am always ready to run a 10k
  • August 2022: My husband and I hike the West Coast Trail in BC.
  • December 2022: My husband and I buy our dream house in the country. And WE host Christmas!
  • June 2022: I buy my dad his dream fishing boat
  • November 2022: I am a VP of Leadership and Talent Development
  • January 2022: I hold 5 conferences a year to train other HR professionals 

My Hedgehog:

My Passion: Motivating others!

Best at the world at: Supporting others and problem solving

How I make my money: I work in Leadership and Talent Development (HR)connecting people with their dream jobs!

My Declaration:

I provide leadership, support, motivation and the BEST hugs