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Job search - socially

User story 1: As a recent college graduate I was trying to apply for various open positions in multiple companies. But, I was trying to use LinkedIn to see where all my friends/contacts work so that I can ask them for referrals. It was a pain a to find an open position in one place and then visit another site to find my friends working in those companies. 

User story 2: When I and my friends were trying to apply for internships, we hardly kept ourselves updated on where our contacts/friends work. In case we kept ourselves updated, we could have asked our friends if they were willing to refer us for open positions in their company. 

User story 3: Many times it it happens that my friends existing on LinkedIn do not exist on Facebook or vice-versa. But while I was applying for jobs in few specific companies, i always tried to find people on LinkedIn and not Facebook as Facebook doesn't have any easy UI to search this.

Solution: Want to build a platform that enables job aspirants to see if any of their LinkedIn, Facebook or G+ friends work in companies that they are applying to


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