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Joann's Interior Styling Class Projects

Hi, I'm Joann and I'm a nature and still life photographer in Seattle. I'm hopelesly addicted to home decor photos. I love seeing other people's spaces and what they do with them. I play around with styling in own my home, but never quite get it to a finished and polished state. I'm hoping this class will help me take my decorating to that next level, and also help with styling for my still life and product photos as well. 


I've put all the after pics up on my House & Home: My Spaces Pinterest board. Feel free to pin them if you like.


Still to come, the bookshelves after. I skipped it since I don't have any proper bookshelves, but I still want to try the techniques out somewhere. Just have to get some time to do it.



The guest bed before:

And after:

This room is where I get to really indulge my love of pattern and old/vintage things. :)

I thought this project was going to be easy since I already had the bedding. But the nightstand turned out to be more difficult than I thought. It's a small table, and I see now it might be too small. I used to have a smaller boudoir sized lamp there but now with the bigger lamp there's just not enough room for all the needs I feel a nightstand should fulfill. Add to that I didn't have many objects that were the right scale and also fit the style/color scheme. I'm not completely satisfied with it. It needs something more (or just different). It's passable but I'll be on the lookout for some new small objects for it and maybe a bigger table altogether.

Pattern and more pattern.That's a vintage chenille bedspread that I don't keep on the bed all the time due to the fluffy-black-cat-shedding-on-white problem I (happily) live with.

The lamp has more than it's fair share of bling. The doily, flowers and old book added texture. The color palette is yellow, orange, black & white and brown tones, but I did add in a bit of turquoise as an accent with the jewelry. I'd like to add more of that color to this room but still working on that. There's a rug in here that has all the other colors plus a light turquoise and dark blue and that's where the idea of using a bit of turquoise as an accent comes from.

It's a small room with a twin bed. The front pillow is actually a dark brown, not black. I think I need an additional small pillow to put in front but I don't currently own any. Added to the list of things to shop for.    

The pattern in the tea cup added a splash of orange to the nightstand. 
Still a work in progress, but doing this helped me define better what this space needs.



The Looonnng Console. The before, not really styled but with stuff on it.

And after:

It's a lot of surface real estate and it was intimidating. It took a while to hit on the right balance between styled but not cluttered. The console itself stores books, but we also needed a space to display art. We needed lighting on this side of the living room as well. Since this console is right across from the sofa and coffee table, I went with the same color palette: white, black, grey, wood/natural tones, and bits of yellow and gold. 

The  large "frames" are silkscreening screens. I was going to use them as artwork by themselves but it didn't quite work. My husband and I collect gigposters and I decided to use a couple with the right color palette. We're really bad about getting artwork framed and hung so in lieu of framing I attached the posters to the screens with tiny magnets. It worked really well! Plus, the ink stains on the screens add some bits of other color so the palette isn't quite so restrictive. The Divine Fits poster is by Lil Tuffy.

The ranunculus flowers added more yellow. The deer stands atop my husband's grandfather's WWII Air Force medals.

To help the placement not feel cluttered, I repeated the glass vases (rule of 3's!) but used different sizes and shapes. They're filled with dried botanicals.

The LCD Soundsystem poster is by the awesome Jason Munn. The camera sits on top of his book The Small Stakes: Music Posters. The placement was completely coincidental, but my husband is calling this our Jason Munn shrine. We are big fans. :)

Dried branches from a Monkey Tree (Araucaria araucana). They added some needed texture.

I didn't have another lamp to go on this end of the console so I used an old tripod and a clamp light. It added a lot of bling along with the needed light.

Whew, it's done. All 10 feet of console! I couldn't have done this without this class. Thank you Justina!



Finally getting these photos up. So here is the before.

And now the after...

I had a hard time with this even though it came together somewhat quickly. I kept going back and forth about which way to face the books and which way to take the photos. It all messed with my sense of direction, but I eventually got through it.

I stayed with a black, white, grey, wood color theme but threw in a bit of yellow and gold. 

The wood block stamps, doily and ceramic coasters provided similar patterns. The dried lambs ear stems in the vase added a nice bit of fuzzy texure while staying in the color palette. I added one of my vintage cameras because I love the look of these old 60's rangefinders and it adds a touch of metallic bling.

While taking the photos I noticed I needed some extra details. I added the little seed pod on the tray and the white pencil by the rock. I love the texture of that rock. I picked it up on a beach and it still leaks sand from all the little holes. 

A bit of life...sketching while listening to tunes and watching the birds. :-)



The horror that was before...

After clearing the books and magazines away...

Justina said in the video to gather all the throw pillows and blankets in the house. Well, I'm not a big throw pillow person apparently because I only own five. Not a lot of choice there. Probably something that needs remedying. But I really don't like a lot of pillows on the sofa (or bed). I just need enough to be comfy. Sofas covered in pillows look wonderful, but they get in my way and I end up dumping most of them on the ground. Just a personal preference.  

The big surprise of playing around with the five pillows I own is that these two somehow went together in the context of the color palette and styling I've been doing for the class. I never in a million years would have thought to put these pillows together. In fact, I was thinking of getting rid of the black and gold damask ones, (I've had them forever). Not anymore! This blend of old world traditional and uber modern geometric is straight up my alley, on so many levels.

Along with a shortage of pillows, I have a shortage of throw blankets. I like my blankets big and cozy, and throw blankets are not that. But they are pretty and look nice on a sofa. Big and cozy blankets do not. Or at least not on my small sofa. I did try my big ones out just to get an idea of what colors and patterns would work. Another surprise...all the grey blankets I own don't work with this styling.

I resorted to trying out any thing in my house that resembled a blanket. I hit on this vintage table cloth. It has the pop of yellow and gold I've been working with, but is mostly a light tan or cream color. It worked great! So I'm on the hunt now for an actual throw blanket with the same colors and maybe a similar bold plaid or stripes pattern. The only problem I see is a mostly cream colored blanket is not going to fare well with a very fluffy black cat who happens to LOVE blankets.

I also learned that I need to find some baskets/boxes/trunks to go by the sofa to store the big cozy blankets I actually like to use. They will need a lid so the aforementioned fluffy blanket lover will not make them his personal bed. 

I'm really pleased with how things are coming together.




#1 NEED: Everyone needs a place to sit and the sofa is a great place to do that. The side table provides a place to set down your tea as you're reading a book or surfing the web on your iPad.

#2 SHAPE & SIZE: There's a great mix here between squared shapes (the side table, books, the boxy sofa, rug) and round shapes (the round hanging shelf, the lamp bulbs, the flowers and vase, the little bowls on the side table, the round sofa cushion). Great mix of scale too, from the small squares of the books to the big square of the rug; the tiny round bowls to the big circle shelf. The bird sculpture and yellow pitcher add more shape interest.

#3 COLOR: A nice and subtle color palette of greys, white, mustard yellows/gold, black and brown wood tones.

#4 PATTERN: There's a mix of patterns in the pillows, rug, vase, floor tile and even in the tufting pattern on the sofa. They harmonize well due to a strict color palette and all of them being modern geometric and graphic patterns.

#5 TEXTURE: The rug and heathered fabric of the sofa provide a light touch of texture. The painted brick wall behind also brings in a nice tactile element.

#6 PLACEMENT: The placement is very orderly, maybe too much even. But I love the repetition of the hanging lamps as well as the collection of the bird sculpture atop the stack of books with the two (repetition again) little bowls below. Rule of 3's with the three hanging circular objects, and three objects on a table behind the sofa.

#7 BLING: The awesome bird sculpture! And the glass of the lamp bulbs.

#8 BOTANICALS: The yellow flowers add so much here. This photo would definitely be flat without them.



Our house was built in 1930 but was gut renovated sometime in the 90's and honestly not done to high quality. However, it was renovated to a very clean slate, (except one bathroom that looks very dated now), and that fit our modern-vintage taste just fine. It's a small house and furniture size and placement can be challenging in the narrow living room and small bedrooms. We've lived here 5 years and haven't done much with it since we moved in. We're currently in the middle of reconfiguring the living room. We sold some furnture that wasn't working in there and bought some new stuff. It's still evolving...

Coffee table This is its current state. It's a vintage slatted bench that can be adjusted in length. Ultimately I'd like to get a circular coffee table. We've got too many squares and rectangles going on in this room. 

Sofa See? Still evolving. Part of our decor re-do was sellng a couple of too tall bookshelves and getting a row of low IKEA Besta cabinets to serve as a long credenza (see below) for book storage. Well, we WAY underestimated how many books would fit in the credenza. We are now figuring out what to do with our overabundance. Some painful culling of the collection will need to take place. For now though books and magazines cover the sofa and chair (and kitchen counters). There's also some extra furniture in the background that needs to be moved to another part of the house or go to a new home. The wood screen by Roost on the right is what started our living room re-do. We got it to divide our entry and living room. It's beautiful and instantly made the rest of the room seem drab in comparison. It's been a never ending project since. 

The sofa is a vintage rattan piece and I really like it even though it's somewhat rickety and needs painting. We had new cushions made for it when we first got it. Now with the re-do I'm thinking about the prospect of a new sofa. If only I could find the perfect one that's comfortable, not too big and not exorbitantly expensive.

Credenza/Console I actually tried styling a part of the credenza for the top photo. Still needs some work, but the main problem is this is a looonnnng credenza. It's on the wall opposite the sofa. I'm hoping the credenza lesson will give me some idea of how to cover the long area without it seeming cluttered. 

Bookshelves Since we got rid of our bookshelves I'm undecided about what to substitute. There's the top of an old IKEA storage unit in our guest bedroom that is too crowded. This storage unit is getting replaced soon with an IKEA Besta unit like in the living room. I just need to move the bottom unit in here and buy the top unit for it. Projects and more projects. This is where I store my cameras and some other photo stuff. The new unit will have glass doors on the top to display the cameras but keep them safe from dust. 

Or I could work on our dining room storage. These are three old IKEA Bonde bookcases with doors. We recently changed the knobs to ones from Anthropologie. Changing the knobs makes such a huge difference! The middle section is glass doors all the way across. I've put minimal effort into styling them, and this end of the storage unit has been particularly neglected. 

Bed This is the guest bedroom. It's the only room in the house that I planned the decor out and mostly executed it. As happens however, inertia has hit this room. Things have piled up, been moved and I've never gotten around to framing that print taped on the wall. It needs some polishing up.

I'm utterly in love with that crazy lamp. I saw it on Etsy and my husband got it for me for my birthday. It wasn't part of the original plan for this room, but it fit right in!



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