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Joanne S's 10 year Vision and Goals

Interview Questions. 

I interviewed three people and all three said they believed I could accomplish anything I wanted. They also said they wished I would appreciate myself more and see clearly how far I have come and what I have overcome.  I'll take that upgrade, I do tend to diminish my accomplishments. 

I was surprised by their respones on where I experienced a loss of power.  One said with my Mother, the other said with my childern. This surprised me, I would have to say, I think what they mean is that I'm not entirely honest I give in to them without cleary expressing myself and my needs.  I can see this now, how I do not want to create ways and desperately want their approval.  I'm practicing expressing myself without jugement of them 

My Vision

Ten years from now, I'm 61...I'm siting on the balcony off my bedroom over looking the ocean in Nova Scotia.  I''ve just finished my morning meditation and I having a coffee siting in the sun, listening to the breath of the waves, the salty cool ocean air is invigorating  , waiting for my two childern to arrive for brunch.  My husband is downstairs cooking and I hear the clank of pots and pans, music and my husband singing to himself. 

I've just returned from the middle-east where my company JADA Investments has been involved with UNOCHA doing work a peaceful body/mind workshop: a program I've developed using yoga meditation and positive psychology.   JADA has been very successful in helping people create more easy, joy and flow in their lives.  I work with a group od dedicated and inspiring teachers who are teaching programs aimed at creating physical and mental health and wholeness, I have a firm, flexible and fluid body and a peaceful mind, I'm am connected to spirit and have  I'm  a world renown meditation teacher who helped launch a meditation revolution.   

JADA profits are reaching 3 million.  

My childern David and Anna, are happy, healthy and have successful fulfilling careerrs, they visit regulary and today we are going to be planning our next family trip to Costa Rica . 

I hear the door bell ring, gotta run, breakfeast is waiting.    


10 year 


  • I am a world renown meditation and Baptiste Yoga teacher who has designed my own unique programs taught under the JADA name
  • I teach workshops world wide and work with organizations and non-for profits who work in thrid world countries and conflict zones
  • My company JADA Investments is very profitable with 3 million profits this FY helping tranform the world in areas of conflict.  Teachers teaching body/mind programs in 5 countries
  • I have raised over 1 million for Africa Yoga Project and help it expand into neighbouring countires


  • I am married to a supporitive, funny, inspiring man who supports and compliments me
  • I have a wonderful loving and supporitive relationship with my childern, sisters and group of friends.
  • I take two family vacations a year, one winter, sking and one summer
  • I take two retreats a year one  trip to Level 3 Baptiste training in Mexico and another with a different inspiring teacher


  • I have a fluid, flexible and gracefull body
  • i radiate a sense a peace and joy that is contagious. My skin and eyes are  clear and brigh
  • My mind.body and spirit fully intergrated. I live in integrity

5 year


  • I work 7 hours a day with JADA travelling and running programs and retreats
  • I have just trainined five teachers who will work with me to expand my program offerings
  • I am asked to speak at conferences
  • I haev developed a unique program of body/mind health using yoga, unique meditation techinques and positive psychology


  • Im dating a great man, who supports my work, is funny and we enjoy ski vacations
  • My childern are happy and healthy and we although they are living their exciting lives we are in weekly communication and get together for holidays and vacations
  • I take an annual trip to a yoga training in an exotic location


  • I have a ton of energy 
  • Light sparkles from my eyes
  • My body is pain free and I have a powerful daily yoga practice which is light and fluid
  • I have no health issues and have not been sick in years.

1 year





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