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Joanna, Josie, Jess

It's so exciting to come to the end of the workshop and see everyone's finished patterns!

After some thought, I've decided to keep my patterns titled for the women who inspired them (for now at least). I'm so happy with the final results because I think Joanna, Josie and Jess will each love their focal print, and I'm now really excited to go build the three collections. 

J O A N N A  C O L L E C T I O N

Before afternoon tea at the homestead, a visit to the flower garden - a toss of full blooms & leaves in cool, muted blues are calming and loving. Elegant, traditional, and perfectly balanced, this collection evokes a sense of home, welcome, and deep peace.



J O S I E  C O L L E C T I O N 

The Central desert morning is bright and alive with new wild flowers; it’s spring in Australia’s Red Centre, and the cycle of rebirth is underway. Like its burnt orange colour, this land is generous, strong, and full of joy. White paper daisies & tall mulla mulla, parakeelya, storkbill & billybutton burst up beside the spinifex, inviting you to take a child’s hand, and go adventuring...



J E S S I C A  C O L L E C T I O N

A place where greenery reigns and soft light and shadow dapple, Jessica’s hidden woodland will enchant you. In the presence of this everyday magic, the overlooked & hidden are transformed: moths & feathers, ferns & new shoots come gently into view and bring delight. As you slip into the perfect present moment, a single sunlit moth hovers in front of you, shows you the essential contours of its wings...and then is gone.



Thanks Bonnie for all your help and encouragement! 

Bec x

(@becsollom on Instagram)


Three focal prints in three weeks is hard work - phew! Here's where I'm at right now...

For Joanna's print, I decided I wanted to use Bonnie's "trace a flower" technique to get a classic naturalistic effect, so I got on my bike and hit up my local garden centre - tracing really does feel OK when you know you took the photos yourself!

I'm going to attempt to do the print entirely in shades of blue (unless it just looks awful, in which case I might re-evaluate) and here's the few motifs I've got coloured so far (I want them joined up with lovely leaves and viney tendrils, but haven't got to those yet):


Sadly I could not get on my bike to photograph Alice Springs wildflowers for Josie's print, so yay, internet resources (and no tracing) :-) I'm hoping to use some hand-drawn textures (cross-hatched Sharpie blocks) with the motifs I've drawn below, but I'm not sure yet if that'll look good, and might use some effects imported from Photoshop instead:


It's been really great fun to make prints themed for three friends, but it's a bit more complicated if you want to make sure the friend really absolutely loves what you came up with! This was my first pass at Jess's print:


But she was totally right when she told me she thought this was not feminine enough to really resonate with her (and her moodboard). She suggested more intertwining in the botanicals, for added floatiness, and also suggested I ditch blue in favour of pinks - genius! Thus far I've only been able to make the latter change, but am excited to get some ivy action going on in there soon:


Fingers crossed for getting everything done by Tuesday!


Hi, I'm Bec, a surface pattern designer in a village called Grantchester, in the UK. I've chosen to theme my three prints for three wonderful women, my friends Joanna, Josie, and Jess. I want my prints to take inspiration from them & their lives, and be something I can give to them as gifts, as well as develop into full collections later on. All the prints will be florals/botanicals to some degree, which is also great, because I have a real shortage of florals in my portfolio!

My high school bestie Joanna lives a fabulous double life: during the week she's a glamorous city lawyer, and at the weekend, a farmer's wife. She is all about blues and whites with a pop of yellow here and there, some light, bright greens and pinks creeping in for balance. For this print I want well-drawn florals & a classic, rich, full feel. Other keywords are classic, crisp, navy, afternoon tea, homestead, romance, candles, stripes & checks. Here is her moodboard and some first sketches:



Josie (actually my cousin!) is raising a family in Alice Springs, Australia. On certain years in the desert, if conditions are just right, the rust-red landscape will erupt with wildflowers - Josie has bloomed since moving to the desert so I'm taking this as the inspiration for her print. I'm going to use a more relaxed, naive drawing style for these botanicals, and give the whole thing a family-friendly feel. I'll be using some dots, too, as a nod to local Aboriginal art styles. Other keywords are bright, hot, healthy, generous, saturated, adventure, wide sky & spinifex. Here is her moodboard and some first sketches:



My third pattern will be for Jess, who writes a phenomenal blog called The Cabinet Maker's Love Tale. She's often to be found in her local tea garden in Cambridgeshire, wandering through the blooms with a cup in hand, adorable little daughter & and dog in tow. Jess is sea-pebble neutrals & magical shafts of light; inks, pinks, creams, and greened-greys. Her print will be more foliage-based than the others, with butterflies, feathers & other magical things nestled in with a few blooms. Other keywords are "the outside inside," serene, peace & wreaths. and here is her moodboard and a very quick sketch:



Really looking forward to the rest of this project, and also really excited to see everyone else's themes and sketches!


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