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Jmonty's Characters

Started this last week.  I only really get to draw on my 30 min. lunch break so takes me a bit to get something done these days.  Here are a few process pics...from my cell phone, so they aren't that great of quality.  I was really hopeing Patrick would add in some coloring tutorial at the end, that is where I feel I am lacking.  I would love to be able to color faster.  The way I do it is painfully slow and would like to see his way before he got a touchscreen bc his colors are awesome.  Perhaps a seperate tutorial?


Rough layouts, just to get the basic idea across.


Starting to lay in the details.  Usually start with the face first, just like to get it out of the way bothers me when I don't have it done first for some reason.  After this pic I redid the entire midsection layed the muscles out a bit  better then started dropping in the shadows.


More detail, adding in his one sword.  More to come.


Thought I'd throw  this up here too since it goes more along with the projects "in motion" theme.  GL John Stewart and Atrocitus.  Just have the basic layout need to bust in some details.  Looking at it here now that right side needs to be redone on Atrocitus looks off.


Roughed in the other sword, next thing I'll do after detailing it is start on all the chains on his forearms and end of his one sword.


Had  some time to draw today, decided to finish this bad boy up. 


Well I haven't been on here in a bit, been getting ready for Cinci Comic Expo which went fantastic!  This is finally my finished piece for Kratos using techniques in Patricks coloring tutorial.  I think it turned out pretty sweet.


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